Tattoo Aftercare

The following instructions are the recommended regimen for a smooth healing process. If you have any questions or concerns please call the shop at 603.935.9398 or stop in so we can take a look at your tattoo.


  • Follow the instructions below!
  • Change bedding (especially if you have pets)
  • Eat your fruits and vegetables
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Take multivitamins to boost your immune system


  • Soaking / submerging
  • Swimming (lakes, ponds, rivers, pools, etc.)
  • Friction / rubbing
  • Picking
  • “Assisted peeling”

Precisely follow the steps below and your tattoo should heal within 2 – 4 weeks.

Part 1

Remove bandage / wrap as soon as you’re able to properly wash your fresh tattoo. Try not to leave it on more than 1 – 2 hours.

Once you take the bandage off, do not re-cover or wrap the tattoo.

Part 2

When the bandage has been removed, wash the tattoo immediately with an unscented liquid mild soap and water (we recommend Dr. Bronners – Baby Unscented).

DO NOT use bar soap, fragranced soap, dish soaps, or scrubs.

Part 3

Using a circular motion, gently clean your new tattoo with your washed hands. The idea is to remove all ointment, blood and lymphatic fluids that may seep out. This is completely normal to have some “seeping”… however, try and keep it clean.

If you notice a layer of lymphatic fluids or blood building up, it’s time to wash it again!

Part 4

DO NOT use any washcloths, bath towels, loofahs, or sponges. When washing, refrain from allowing your tattoo to sit under running water for more than the time it takes to effectively wash it. That is the equivalent to letting it soak, which will hinder the healing process and may compromise the integrity of the tattoo. The goal is to keep it clean, not wet.

Once you’ve rinsed the tattoo of soap and it is clean, dab / blot dry with a clean paper towel.

Part 5

Once you’ve properly washed and dried your tattoo you may apply a small amount of Aquaphor water-based ointment. Work the ointment into your skin and then dab / blot away any excess with a clean paper towel. Aquaphor ointment should only be used for the first 3 days.

After that, switch to a regular fragrance-free lotion. Lubriderm is the brand we usually suggest, however any other fragrance-free lotion should work.

Part 6

Continue this washing and lotion routine 3 – 4 times until fully healed in 2 – 4 weeks. You may notice your tattoo become flaky or scabby in some spots. This is part of the process and they will fall off on their own.

DO NOT pick or scratch the tattoo. If it is feeling itchy – wash it! And re-apply lotion.


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